Newer New Rules!

We now have a second version of the 2023 rulebook. There are no major changes that affect the shooter at the match but you should read both the 2023 Rulebook and the current 2023 Equipment Appendices for yourself.

If you are a returning old timer remember that there were major changes in 2022:

  • You can drop an empty magazine with a round still in the chamber.
  • Appendix carry holsters are allowed, with new allowable holster positions defined for both OWB and IWB.
  • SSP magazine capacity is 15 rounds.
  • CCP magazine capacity is 10 rounds and power factor is 105.
  • Retention (shooting from) and magazine stowage are now defined.
  • Cover position fault lines must be from 3′ to 8′ long and no longer extend to the stage boundary.