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Holster Requirements Update – Strong Side IWBs for everyone!!!

NEW: We now allow strong side IWB holsters for all classifications but… not only must you not sweep your off hand when holstering or drawing you must also be sure it is clear to the SO that you are not sweeping yourself. If its looks to the SO that you swept yourself then you are done for the day, regardless of what a slow-motion review of the overhead camera footage would show. This is a serious safety issue and is one case where the benefit of the doubt can not go to the shooter.

While an IDPA match is the perfect place to shoot your carry gun you may not be able to use your carry holster. Under IDPA rules you are required to use a strong side hip holster worn inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waist band. There is no clear limit on how far back you can go before “strong side” ends but if you don’t go past the 4:00 position you will be fine.

Specifically prohibited under IDPA rules are

  1. Cross-draw carry
  2. Shoulder holster
  3. Small of the back carry
  4. Appendix carry
  5. Pocket carry

Complete IDPA holster rules are available here (with two item “A”s as in the rule book!): IDPA Rules Section 8.5 – Holsters

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